James is one of Britain's most respected show jumpers both at home and abroad. His success stretches back to the time he was jumping small ponies and his first taste of glory was on Cusop Dainty Boy in the 13-2hh Championship of Great Britain.

Since that time James has trained with some of the most celebrated riders and dealers in the world, the most influential being Paul Weier of Switzerland where James spent the winters of 1980 and 1981 at his International teacher training school.

In 1983 James made his International debut as part of the victorious young riders team in Donaueshingen, Germany and since that time has been a regular member of the senior British Team making 25 Nations Cup appearances.

After winning the World Cup qualifier in Geneva and his first Volvo car, James went on to claim the Grand Prix at the Horse of the Year Show at Wembley arena.

James with Bowriver Queen winning the World Cup Qualifier at CSI(W) at Geneva.

This was followed by a four year contract with the highly successful Traxdata team which gave James recognition and respect as one of Britain's leading show jumpers and culminated in selection for the World Championship squad in Rome 1998.

Today James’s interests lay more on buying, producing and selling talented showjumping horses using both the National International shows as the showcase for his string.

Memorable horses and achievements


1998 – 1st Grand Prix Mauberge (Fra)

1998 – 1st Grand Prix Oslo (Nor)

1997 – 1st Grand Prix Linz (Austria)

1997 – 1st Grand Prix Oslo (Nor)

1997 – 1st Nations Cup Modena (Italy)

full result

Winnings: £114,861

Oslo G Prix 1st, Oslo World Cup Q 2nd, Maubeuge G Prix 1st, Aarhus A3 1st, Paris A3 2nd, Royal Int' O 3rd, HOYS A3 2nd, New Forest T.Trial 1st, Linz G Prix 1st, , Suffolk T.Trial 1st, Oslo G Prix 1st, HOYS O 1st,Norfolk IT 1st, Norfolk GP 1st, Richmond O 2nd, Zuidlaren P&S 1st, Zuidlaren G.prix 2nd, Gijon A4 2nd, Gijon A4 1st, Lisbon A3 2nd, Madrid A4 3rd, Madrid A3 2nd, Royal Windsor GP 2nd, Oviedo A3 2nd, Grenoble A3 1st, Olympia O 1st, Millstreet A3 2nd, Millstreet A4 1st, Zuidlaren A4 2nd, Zuidlaren A4 1st, HOYS London O 1st, HOYS O 2nd, Rotterdam A4 2nd, Valkenswaard A4 1st, Bicester IT 1st, Bourg en Bresse A4 1st, Eindhoven A3 2nd, R.Windsor A 1st, R.Windsor A 3rd, Caen A4 2nd, Leeuwarden A3 2nd, Valkenswaard A4 3rd, Lons le Saunier A3 3rd, Lons le Saunier A3 1st.


Bowriver Queen

1996 – 1st Grand Prix Horse of the Year Show London

1994 – 1st World Cup Qualifier Geneva (Switz)

1993 – 1st Grand Prix Eindhoven (Hol)

full result



Winnings: £156,914 (1992-1999)

Dortmund A4 1st, Aarhus A 1st, Bourg en Bresse A 3rd, Amsterdam A4 1st, Leeuwarden A4 1st, Linz A4 1st, Finmere IT 2nd, Gijon A4 1st, Gijon P&S 3rd, Jerez A4 3rd, Oviedo A4 2nd, Grenoble A4 3rd, Leeuwarden A 1st, HOYS G Prix 1st, Thame IT 1st, N Forest GP 2nd, R Windsor A 2nd, Newark A 2nd, Moorsele G Prix 3rd, Moorsele A4 1st, Moorsele A3 3rd, HOYS A 3rd, Donaueschingen A4 3rd, Biarritz G Prix 2nd, Royan A 3rd, Luxembourg A4 1st, Lons le Saunier A4 1st, Bourg en Bresse G Prix 2nd, Bourg en Bresse A3 2nd, Cervia G Prix 3rd, R Windsor A 2nd, Paris G Prix 2nd, GENEVA World Cup Qualifier 1st, Geneva A4 3rd, HOYS O 2nd, Donaueschingen A4 1st, Valkenswaard A4 2nd, Valkenswaard A 3rd, Lons le Saunier G Prix 3rd, Lons le Saunier A3 2nd, Bourg en Bresse A3 1st, Bethune A3 2nd, Eindhoven A3 3rd, Taplow IT 2nd, W & West IT 1st, Geneva G Prix 2nd, Leeuwarden A4 2nd, Millstreet A3 2nd, Kapellen A4 1st, Eindhoven Derby 3rd, Eindhoven G Prix 1st, R Windsor A 2nd, Larkhill IT 2nd.



1993 – 1st Speed Horse of the Year London

1992 – 1st Grand Prix Jouey en Josas (Fra)

1991 – 1st Benelux Championship (Bel)

full result




Winnings: £91,373 (1989-1996)

Biarritz A4 1st, Olympia O 2nd, Leeuwarden A3 3rd, Thame IT 1st, Donaueschingen A4 2nd, Caen A 1st, HOYS Speed Horse of the Year 1st, HOYS O 2nd, Donaueschingen A4 1st, Kapellen P&S 3rd, Kapellen A4 1st, Eindhoven A3 1st, Notts Co A 1st, Vienna A3 2nd, Donaueschingen A4 3rd, Olympia O 2nd, HOYS O 1st, Bois le Roi G Prix 1st, Bois le Roi C 1st, Spangenberg A4 3rd, Spangenberg A4 1st, Luxembourg A4 1st, Eindhoven A3 2nd, Eindhoven A3 2nd, Jouy en Josas G Prix 1st, Jouy en Josas A4 1st, Cervia A3 1st, Lamalou G Prix 2nd, Maastricht A3 2nd, Maastricht A4 1st, Biarritz SG Prix 3rd, Royan A4 2nd, Wiesbaden Acc 1st, Wiesbaden A3 1st, Eindhoven A3 2nd, Eindhoven A3 1st, Lamalou A3 2nd, HOYS Masters 2nd, HOYS O 3rd, Newbury IT 1st, Royal A 1st, Surrey A 1st, Aldershot IT 1st, London A 1st, HOYS O 1st, Vienna A4 3rd, Leeuwarden A3 2nd, London IT 1st, RIHS A 2nd, R Windsor IT 1st, Lanaken Benelux Championship 1st, Biarritz A4 1st, Royan A3 1st, Wiesbaden A2 1st, W & West IT 1st, Lincs IT 2nd, Lucerne P&S 3rd, Loncin G Prix 2nd, Bath & West A 1st, Surrey A 1st, Loncin A2 1st, Loncin A4 3



Tip Toe

1996 – 1st Nations Cup Modena (Italy)

1994 – 1st Speed Horse of the Year London

full result



Winnings: £42,318 (1992-1999)

Zuidlaren A4 1st, Olympia O 2nd, Zuidlaren P&S 2nd, Leeuwarden P&S 2nd, Valkenswaard A4 3rd, Modena A4 1st, Madrid A4 3rd, Valkenswaard A3 1st, Rotterdam A3 3rd, Bicester IT1st, La Baule C 3rd, La Baule A4 2nd, Bethune A3 1st, Rome A4 2nd, R Windsor IT 1st, R Windsor A 1st, Larkhill IT 1st, Olympia O 2nd, Leeuwarden A4 2nd, HOYS Speed Horse of the Year 1st, HOYS O 3rd, Donaueschingen A4 3rd, Donaueschingen C 3rd, Geesteren A4 3rd, Lons Le Saunier ACC 1st, Bourg en Bresse C 1st, Bourg en Bresse P&S 2nd, Richmond IT 2nd, Bethune C 3rd, Bethune ACC 1st, Olympia O 2nd, Leeuwarden A3 1st, Hickstead O 1st, Millstreet A4 3rd


GG Barock

2000 – 1st Derby Trial Hickstead

Bought in Finland through a good friend Christopher Wegelius. Formerly ridden by Raimo Aaltonen this horse could compete in any class on a schedule. His most memorable win was the Derby trial Hickstead and in his short spell with us he became very well known on the circuit. Once seen never forgotten.




Idle Dice

2005 – 1st Suffolk Team Trial

2004 – 1st Derby Trial Hickstead

2003 – 1st Grand Prix Vejer de la Frontera (Spain)




Hasty Exit

1986 – Leading rider/horse in Rome

1985 – 1st Grand Prix Royal Windsor

1985 – 2nd Falsterbo (Swe) and 1st Snr Nations Cup Team